OCLM Life & Ministry Midweek Meeting and Weekend Meeting Scheduler for 2023
Students Mobile What can OCLM Software do?

This website has been designed to schedule the Our Christian Life and Ministry Midweek meeting and Weekend meeting including Public Talk scheduling using a simple layout and easy to use features. Many brothers around the world have enjoyed using this OCLM meeting scheduler for many years. Please read more About us and Testimonials.

You can use it with your up-to-date internet browser on your desktop or mobile device. For example, on your Apple iPad, iPhone, Windows/Android tablet/phone, Windows, Linux or Mac computer. No download required!

Mid-Week meeting Interface and Printouts translated into English, Spanish, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese, German and more Languages. Weekend Meeting Scheduler only available in English.
  • Designed for Mobile & Desktop: Switch between many devices.
  • Midweek/Weekend Meeting Scheduler: Schedule the entire midweek and weekend meetings including Public talks. Easily make a Joint account for multiple brothers to schedule and share information using only one subscription.
  • Printouts: Kingdom Hall Info board Schedules, Assignment Slips, Chairman's Outline and Worksheet. Printouts download as MS Word documents or editable PDF schedule and slips to allow for further editing and customization. Also supports A4 and other paper sizes.
  • Video Help Guides: Step by Step How To Video Help Guides to take you through setup, scheduling, printing and more. MidWeek Video How To Guides and Weekend Meeting Video Guides
  • Send Talk Slips/Reminders/Assignment: Send talk slips or assignment/reminder messages of upcoming scheduled parts with Email, SMS Text or WhatsApp messages on supported desktop and mobile devices.
  • Import: From OCLM data backups or using fillable templates, fill Student and Talk History Data from other sources such as jw scheduler, majestic software khs, new world scheduler, tmsware clm explorer, nw scheduler.
  • Security: Read about the security measures we take to keep your data secure.
  • Free 30 day trial, $25 USD per congregation (multiple brothers) one year subscription.

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