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Below are some of the emails we received of ones who have really benefited and appreciated the Our Christian Life and Ministry Scheduler OCLM software program.

Dear sir/madam, I want to first show appreciation for the application you have developed. It has really helped in congregation activities and I encourage you to keep on developing applications like these. I have enjoyed using OCLM for making schedules. It has performed very well in that regard.


Hello friends,

Just wanted to pass along my thanks for this great and easy to use program! Every time I use it I think about how challenging it would be to put together the monthly schedule without this program!

Thanks so much for making it available!


Thanks for all the hard work that goes into developing the OCLM schedule creator. It makes life so much easier when it comes to drawing up schedules.


I have been using your OCLM software and have found it to be very helpful. Many thanks for your efforts in writing this software!


Well done for continuing your efforts to make your find program even better. It reminds me of the following scripture (Isaiah 60:17) "Instead of the copper I will bring in gold, And instead of the iron I will bring in silver, Instead of the wood, copper, And instead of the stones, iron; And I will appoint peace as your overseers And righteousness as your task assigners."


I thank you so very much. The program has made my responsibilities in the congregation very effective and spiritually up-building. Before, it was a real problem figuring who had to do what each week, but with the up-to-date information placed in the program, it has solved problems that took me many hours with quite a few mistakes with the friends involved. I am getting nothing but compliments on the scheduling of the brothers and sisters. Thank you.

California, USA

Thank you very much for such a wonder program that has taken you so much effort to prepare. Having now this wonderful program will provide greater ease in our works and will certainly improve the looks of our information board.

With Agape love,
West Africa

Dear Friends, Thank you for an excellent program.

New Zealand

Hi, I am the School Overseer/Life and Ministry Overseer for a Congregation in the Solomon Islands. This software will help a lot. It really helped me handle the more than a hundred students in our congregation.

Solomon Islands

Dear Brothers, Thank you so much for these software. I have been using it for the past few months, and it has saved me a lot of time. I particularly appreciate the software because it supports the language congregation I am serving in!

I am writing to express my appreciation for the OCLM Scheduler Program. I activated it yesterday and I enjoying it very much. I like the fact that it is not complicated to use at all. You have also provided a full detailed direction on how to use it; not assuming what the users should already have known. I like that.

Dear Brothers,

Let me start by saying thank you so much for this program. For about 3 years I’ve been the Life and Ministry overseer and used this program the whole time. My deep appreciation goes to all who have developed this to be SO VERY user friendly and time saving program!

… Once again let me say thank you for this awesome program that has been a HUGE help to me, as I am not very computer savvy.

Your Brother,

These are some comments sent by our brothers around the world and they have been much appreciated. Perhaps you would like to make a comment as well. Please Contact us.


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