Frequently Asked Questions about the OCLM Software L&M Scheduler Web App

About OCLM Web Software and Virtual Tour
Please learn more about OCLM Web Software by viewing the OCLM software virtual tour on our home page.

  More About Us
We are brothers in good standing in the congregation. For almost 10 years, we have provided Desktop scheduling software for the Theocratic Ministry School and the Life and Ministry Meeting that thousands of brothers around the world have enjoyed using. Because of changes in technology, we have recently seen the need for a web based version in more languages. We hope this will be useful to the brothers.

OCLM on MacIs the Our Christian Life and Ministry OCLM Web App L&M Meeting Scheduler for Mac, iPhone, iPad, iOS, Android, Linux, Windows, Chrome Book or Web?
The OCLM Web App L&M Meeting Scheduler runs on mobile devices, desktop computers and laptops (also Microsoft surface tablet and Google chrome book) with an up-to-date web browser such as Chrome, Firefox, IE Internet Explorer, Edge, Safari etc.

  Is this website/database secure?
The security of this site is of utmost priority! We have a 256-bit SSL certificate which is shown by the HTTPS:// web address and lock icon. SSL is a security technology that establishes an encrypted link between the website/webserver and browser/device. It encrypts or scrambles data to prevent tampering during transmission.
To login securely, we use Microsoft / Google secure sign-in authentication system. They keep your login, password and credentials safe. We never see or store your password, since the login process is done on their site.
This website and database are hosted by one of the largest cloud hosting providers that is also trusted by many banks and large companies. View More Details here. The database data, logs and backups are encrypted on their servers with regular backups made of the database. You can make backups of your data to restore at any time.

We have updated our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy to meet the new European Union GDPR data privacy laws.

How do I setup a Joint Account
You will need to first setup a free 30 day trial for joint account email address. Then email us when that has been completed and we will transfer your subscription time to that new account.
Also an overview of setting up a joint account (video lesson 7)

How do I install the Web Version?
You do not need to download or install this internet web version. All that you need is an up-to-date web browser like Google Chrome. Then register/login on this website. This web version is separate from the desktop version. Therefore, you do not need to update the desktop version to use this website.

 Can I import my data from CLM Explorer?
Some of the data from the desktop software called CLM Explorer (also called tms explorer or tmsware) can be imported (2018 version). Please note that the way it organizes its data is different. Therefore, an exact import is not possible.

Please note the differences: When the student can do Assistant parts indicated in the students import, the student will be marked that they can do all assistant parts. When the student can do Demo parts indicated in the students import, the student will be marked that they can do all Demo parts. In the Talk history import file there are no prayer or cbs reader parts so these cannot be imported. There is also no classroom so all parts will be set to main classroom. The assistant parts do not indicate the type of assistant part and therefore will be set to initial call assistant. Also, the remarks, result, study advance, timing, role and phone will not be imported.

 Import from CLM Explorer software or TMS Explorer or TMSware version doesn't work?
Please double check that you are using the latest updated version of CLM Explorer 2018. Also please See import data differences if the data imported is not identical or fully complete. If that does not work, please send us an email with any error message and the import files. Please look at our video help guide tutorials on our website for more information how to enter new students manually.

Can I import my data from other clm software like Majestic software khs?
For clm explorer for mac and windows some of the data can be imported! Please see the faq question can I import my data from CLM Explorer.
Perhaps you were using another meeting scheduling software program such as: tswin or wintm for mac or windows, Majestic software khs for mac and windows, tswintm, jwscheduler, theocbase for iphone, ipad or android, meeting schedule assistant, old versions of tms explorer for mac and windows, tmsexplorer, tmsware clm ware, clmware for mac and windows, TMSE Mobile, CLMM software, JW-CLM, My Life and Ministry, Keep Life Simple TMS for Mac, theocratic software or another theocratic ministry school kingdom hall scheduler program and want to import that data into OCLM Software Web version. Since there are many different versions and editions of other meeting scheduling software programs, a complete restore from them at this time is not possible. We are planning a future version to allow for imports from various clm scheduling software.

However, if you were using the TMS OCLM 2017 Desktop version you can import into the OCLM web version. Please watch Lesson 1 on our Video Guide page on how to import into OCLM. Lesson 1: Importing from the Desktop Version

 Import from Desktop version doesn't work?
Please double check that you are using the OCLM Desktop version and not another companies software. Also make sure you are using the most current OCLM Desktop version. Its version number will be greater than 20.17.0. Then make a backup zip file using that version. If that does not work, please send us an email with any error message and the backup file. We are working on a way to import data from other companies software. But it's very simple to input new students and get started with the web version. Please look at the tutorials on our website for more information how to enter new students.

 What are MS Word Printouts best viewed in?
Since it is a MS Word document generated for all the printouts, .docx files are best viewed MS Word desktop application for Windows or Mac OSX or in the MS Word app for your mobile device.

Here are links to the MS Word app:

MS Word App for iPhone/iPad

MS Word App for Android Mobile Devices

MS Word App for For Microsoft Mobile Devices

It's best to use MS Word/MS Word Mobile App since it shows the printout the way they were intended. For example, the iPhone or iPad doesn’t properly show the checkbox symbol with its built-in Word previewer for the S-89 slips, but the MS Word app properly shows the checkboxes.

If you are looking for alternative options instead of MS Word for your desktop computer or mobile, please Google: "what are the best free microsoft word alternatives".

I don't have MS Word, how can I view and edit the printouts?
On a phone or mobile device you could use the MS Word app. More details about the MS Word app in the previous FAQ question: "What are MS Word Printouts best viewed in?".

For desktop computers, if you don’t have MS Word, perhaps using an online solution like Google Docs could be used to view the MS Word printouts.

Google Docs

Save the printout download to google drive and open the printouts with Google Docs might provide better formatting then other free Word editors. The reason we have MS Word printouts and not PDF directly is to allow for editing of the printouts before printing if needed.

Or you could try the Chrome Office extension.

Chrome Office extension.

At the time of writing this FAQ it said ... "View and edit Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files -- without needing Office installed on your computer. Once the extension is installed, Office files that you drag into Chrome, open in Gmail, Google Drive, and more, will be opened in Docs, Sheets, and Slides for viewing and editing. You can save each file back to its original Office format, or convert it to Docs, Sheets, or Slides to unlock more features, like inviting others to edit with you, commenting, chat, and more."

Different from Last Years
Why is OCLM different from last years or previous years software?

Perhaps you have been using the Windows Desktop Version. This version of OCLM Software is for Web and Mobile devices with a Web Browser.

Is there the ability to update 'Subscription Membership' from one Gmail account to another Gmail account (for paid subscribers) without requiring a data export/import?
Because of how the accounts are setup, switching accounts like you suggest is not possible.
But its not difficult to export and then login to another email account and import.
Please follow these instructions to transfer the student data.

Is it possible to create a designation for substitute speaker in the study point column?
You can set the counsel point to N/A, by going to the schedules page "View" link, and then select from the dropdown list of study points "N/A". Then the study point for the student will show as [54] on the MS Word printouts. You can then edit the MS Word printouts and replace [54] with [sub] or something similar if you would like. On the student's history page, viewed by going to the students page and clicking the "History" link, it will also show as N/A for their talk study point. You can also add a note in the Notes column saying substitute speaker.

Why doesn't the oclm scheduling software automatically advance to the next study point / counsel point?
The direction located in the S-38.pdf Instructions for the Our Christian Life And Ministry Meeting paragraph 7, mentions the chairman would assign the next counsel point and advise the Life and Ministry Meeting overseer accordingly. When a student has a needs to improve in a particular area it be helpful to assign them that point they need to work on on as their next point instead of a point that they are already great in and mastered. It is logical to view the instruction of assign the next counsel point as the next counsel point to work on. Our software used a non-automatic next single study point system. See the link for more details how it works. By having a non-automatic study point system, it really encourages the chairman and L&M overseer to think about the student's needs and how they can improve what next speech quality. Also, some points might be more suitable to develop with an 2 minute initial call and others for a 6 minute bible study.
For indication that a study point has been completed by the student and their next study point has been updated, set the study completed checkmark in the Edit Schedule Week Talk page, or if they are still working on the study point you could add some text in the notes column to indicate they are still working on that point.

How do I get the L&M information? Why the L&M information not available?
Please click on the "Get Schedule Data" button on the schedules page. Also, new unscheduled weeks may show on other pages such as on pages 2,3,4 etc. You may want to click on the "View All Schedule Weeks" link at the bottom of the grid on the schedule page to see all the schedule weeks on one page.
You also may want to hide old weeks using the "Hide Schedule Weeks" button at the top of the schedules page.

I can access the website on my Desktop, iPhone and iPad but cannot access it on my Samsung Galaxy Note?
Make sure your phone/device has the correct date and time as well. If it doesn’t this make the phone think that you are trying to connect to an unsecured website thus preventing the connection. Please try to update your Google Chrome for Android app to the newest version on your android phone. Also turn off your phone and back on again. After, try to login to Gmail or Hotmail/Live/Outlook first. Check if you are able to login to your email before logging into this website. Also you could try using another up-to-date web browser such as the Android browser or the Mozilla Firefox for Android browser or others. Try downloading or updating those internet browsers to see if they work correctly. Also, update to the latest version of the Android Operating System.
Similar steps could be applied for iOS devices such as iPhone or iPad. Make sure you are using an update-to-date web browser, and up-to-date iOS operating system version.

I cannot login to OCLM?
You may need to logout and log back in again.
Please logout of (the account button down arrow and select logout).
Please also logout of google. Go to gmail for example and logout.
Also the login is case-sensitive. Please make sure you login with all lowercase into oclm and gmail if you created an oclm account with an email that is all lower case. If you entered some uppercase characters in the email when logging in, please use those uppercase characters.
If you are still experiencing an issue, please try other devices to login or other browsers. Its best viewed with google chrome browser. Make sure you have an up-to-date browser. Older browsers will not work with oclm.

Why do you use Microsoft or Google for the login process? How do I reset my password? We use the official login that Microsoft and Google provide that is also used to access their own services. So it's very secure for login and password authentication. I'm sure you appreciate keeping your data secure is important. If you are having difficulty remembering your password, you may need to reset your password. To reset your password, Microsoft and Google provide that service on their respective websites. In these last days, its needed to require such a high level of security.

 Why doesn’t have three different types of study points Reading, Demo, Discourse per student?
You will notice OCLM online software doesn’t have three different study points The direct answer is that this software is designed to be simple so we just wanted only one point per student. However, please see our detailed reasoning below.

Most likely, sisters will only need one: Demo parts (1-6,8-51) (so almost all of them except 7,52,53). Sisters also will make up a large number of the school students.

A new student who is a brother, would probably start out with just a reading, (no demo or discourse parts?) so points 1-17.

An experience brother would do all three parts: reading, demo, discourse (this would cover all the points). However, even if they wouldn’t do readings any more, demo and discourse covers almost all of reading points except 7. A brother probably wouldn't just be assigned just discourse parts and not demo parts (but if so, it would be all points except 7,18,30).

So in summary, a L&M overseer would just need to watch out for points 7,18,30,52,53 if they are ever assigned. And remember a reader can only do 1-17.

The auto assign will look for these edge cases and will assign N/A if it were to occur and not a point that is incorrect for the talk type.

The web page where the study point is set will not allow invalid study points to be set. Also, for all talks that need a study point, and if it’s set to N/A, then an error message will appear beside the N/A point to indicate that it needs to be set. This will be a visual que to assist the (CLAM) Christian Life and Ministry meeting overseer.

Why are some study points missing?
The study point drop down list is filtered depending on the student talk/part being edited. Since Demo parts have points 1-6 and 8-51, the study point list doesn't display points 7,52,53 for demo parts. With a bible reading part, a reader can only have points 1-17, so the other study points are not displayed. For more details see the question: Why doesn’t have three different types of study points Reading, Demo, Discourse per student?

What languages does the OCLM software Web App Support?
Currently the OCLM Web Software Program has been translated into English, Spanish, Italian, Haitian Creole, French (printouts only), German, Brazilian Portuguese and ASL American Sign Language. More interface & printout languages coming soon. If you would like to see the OCLM program in another language, please contact us at: Please note: all printouts can be edited in MS Word to allow for translation into another language.

We are thinking of adding a webpage to the website that list of all the words used by the interface. Then ones could translate and send us the translated list for us to add. We are in the planning stage, but hopefully have this available soon.

How do I change languages and where is the schedule information for that language?
On the Settings page, change the print language to your desired OCLM supported language. Then when you click the 'Get Schedule Data' on the Schedules page, the schedule data will come in that OCLM supported language and the printouts will be in that OCLM supported language. If you had the print language as English and already clicked the 'Get Schedule Data' button, you could delete those (unscheduled) English weeks on the schedules page and then click the 'Get Schedule Data' button to get the current schedule weeks in your OCLM supported language.

Will ASL Workbook material work with the OCLM software program?
Currently we support spoken English. However, you may want to use the automated basic workbook import for English and then edit the schedule as needed for ASL. Also, since all printouts are displayed in MS Word (or similar Word program) first prior to printing, this allows for modification of any info, such as source material and other edits.

Activation KeyMay I tryout and Test the Software?
Yes, there is a free 30-day trial available. This will allow for testing out the software before buying a $25 USD one year subscription.
If you would like to buy a one year subscription, after registering/logging in please click on the Account menu item and select Renew/Add Time.

I see no vertical scroll bars?
Make sure the web browser window is maximized. Then the scroll bars will appear if needed. Scroll bars might not be needed if the content fits in the browser window.

Save or Open File window popup box not appearing?
Perhaps the popup box is hidden behind other browser popups or programs running. Maybe close and then open the browser and try again. If it's still not showing, try to minimize the browser to see if the window appears. Or use the proper method to cycle through all open apps to find the correct app window.

Database locationDatabase Backups
On the Data page, click the backup button. This will create a backup zip containing an .sdf file that can be used to import/restore into the Desktop Windows version or the Web App version at any time.

OCLM for three schoolsMore Than Two Schools?
OCLM is designed for the majority of congregations and most only have one or two schools. The printouts are designed for one or two schools. Thus there is currently no support for three schools.

OCLM backup locationError Encountered
If there is an error, please click on the Feedback button in the menu bar and report the error. We will work on a fix as soon as possible.

Where is the C.O. Service Talk when I choose C.O. as type of week on the schedules page?
Since the Service Talk is a unchangeable talk on the CO visit week, we did not add that to the Schedule page or the Schedule Week (students view) page thus cannot be edited/deleted or even inserted on another week.
When you print the schedule or chairman's outline, the adjusted schedule will show the Service Talk and assign the part to the CO. The CO will also select the closing song to match his talk. Also the schedule will say beside the closing song (C.O. to Select). So we do handle the co visit service on the printouts. I guess we could have locked it down on the schedules page but went this route since we considered it automatically assigned and unchangeable.

I have a Problem Printing - I cannot Print
The OCLM Web App does not send any information directly to the Printer. It first generates the schedule, worksheet, chairman's outline and slip printouts as a Word Document Download. After downloading, use your Word document editor on your computer or device to view (edit if your device allows) and print.
If the information is displaying correctly in your Word editor, but you cannot send this information to the printer, please make sure your printer is on and connected to your computer. Please refer to your printer's documentation and have the correct printer driver installed.

How do I print out a slip filling the entire page
The official s-89 slips one per page are only the regular size of the slip.

However, you can scale/zoom the MS Word .docx slips to fill the page by following these instructions:

After printing/saving the "Slips (one per page)" on the schedules page in OCLM web. Open the filled downloaded slips .docx file ... then select file -> save as ... and save as a .pdf document.

Then open that saved pdf file and then ... file -> print ... in the print dialog box ... select custom scale and enter 180% (or around that percentage) and select portrait, and then print. The slips will now be full sheet size.

I cannot view the OCLM Web Software App Correctly. What are the requirements?
There are many devices and computers, however, if these devices have an up-to-date web browser, it will most likely run the OCLM software program properly. It is best viewed in the Google Chrome Browser.

Where can I go to see The Life and Ministry Meeting Workbook?
Please go to the official website: Our Christian Life and Ministry—Meeting Workbook (MWB)
The Life and Ministry Meeting Workbook provides schedule and study material for the weekly mid-week meetings of Jehovah's Witnesses.

How can I add or change the CO visit service talk?
Since the C.O. Service Talk is an unchangeable talk on the CO visit week, we did not add that to the Schedule page or the Schedule Week (View assigned students page) thus this talk cannot be edited/deleted or even inserted on the CO visit’s week or another week. It is automatically displayed on the printouts. When you print the schedule or chairman's outline, the adjusted schedule will show the Service Talk and assign the part to the CO. The CO will also select the closing song to match his talk. Also the schedule will say beside the closing song (C.O. to Select). So we automatically handle the CO Visit Service talk and song on the printouts.

How can I import from KHS Majestic Software into OCLM?
Unfortunately at this time we do not have an import from joe majestic khs. Sorry about that. Maybe a future version could do so, or perhaps we will provide a generic excel template for ones to fill in the data and then we can import from that template. It doesn't talk long to generate enough historical data on its own, after scheduling and manually adjusting for a month. Then it’s just the matter of entering the students. Perhaps you could copy and paste from khs scheduler their names into OCLM. Sorry that there isn't a better way for KHS users at the moment.

How can I export to Excel?
At this time we don't have an excel export. However, you could try the Reports feature. After logging in, click on the reports link in the top menu. Then click on the ‘All student history report for the last 6 months’ button. That will display all students and their recent talk history. You can highlight and copy all info in the grid and paste it into excel. Also you could do the same on the student’s page. Click on View all students link at the bottom of the page. Then select to highlight all rows in the grid and copy and paste into excel (however the checkmark icon might not copy). You could also do a screen capture image or printout. In the internet browser, right click on the page and select print. Most other life and ministry meeting kingdom hall scheduling software cannot do a straight import so manual entry is required if moving to another clam scheduling software.

Subscription Questions: Why Charge?
Please be aware that we incur a substantial charge for this website/database hosting/ssl certificate/domain etc, as well as the significant time and resources that went into creating and maintaining this web app software program. At this time we have set a yearly amount.

Can I get a discount?
At this time we don't have a basic lite version or special pricing. Sorry about that.

Where do we make a payment for the one year subscription? How do I add more subscription time? How do I renew my Subscription?

After logging in to oclm, click the account button, and then click the button Add More Time. Also the account button has a down arrow, that shows a drop down menu. On the menu, select Renew/Add Time option. Then click the subscribe now button.

What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and any other forms of payment accepted by

How will the charge appear on my Paypal account or on my Credit Card Statement?

What if I have a question about a charge on my account?
Please contact us at: and include your name, email address and charge amount. We will contact you as soon as possible. We use a third party to process transactions ( and therefore do not have access to all the specifics regarding the transaction. You may need to contact or your financial institution for particular details. However, please contact us first so we can try to help.

Why is my credit card/account being declined?
We use a third party to process transactions ( and therefore do not have access to the specifics that caused your transaction to decline. Please contact your financial institution for an explanation, or try an alternate form of payment.

What is your refund policy? does not issue credits or refunds in the event of a cancellation, non use or non activation.

Are my credit card transactions safe?
We use a third party to process transactions ( The transaction conducted on uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) designated by a pad lock icon displayed in your browser window. SSL encrypts the transmissions in such a way that only the two parties involved in the transaction (You and PayPal) can read the information.

Do I need a Paypal account to pay by credit card?
No. You can also purchase by credit card even if you don't have a PayPal account. On the PayPal page, look for the text:
Don't have a PayPal account?
Use your credit card or bank account (where available). Continue link.
When you click on the Continue link, you can use a credit card instead of a Paypal account.
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