Learn More About the OCLM Meeting Web Software Scheduler Features

Students: Add, Edit, Delete
  • View, add, edit, delete student/speaker profile, talk history and time away information.
  • Share one account with the L&M overseer and his assistant (if applicable). Auto-assign student parts and non-student parts separately if desired or auto-assign all parts at once.
Students Page

Schedules: Assign, Print
  • Easily get monthly schedule data by clicking on the 'Get Monthly Data' button when data is available at the start of each month.
  • View, add, edit, delete schedule weeks and parts. Schedule for special weeks, such as CO visits, assemblies and conventions.
  • Auto assign students to talks based on their profile, talk history and time-away.
  • The 'Suggested Alternates' link will display a list of suggested Alternate Students to assist the overseer in choosing another student for a talk.
  • Hide and Show weeks. Hide weeks in the past and only show the most current weeks needed for editing and printing. Schedules that were manually hidden by the user can be easily viewed again, by clicking on the show week's button on the schedules page.
  • Send Talk slips or remind students of their upcoming scheduled parts with Email, SMS Text or WhatsApp messages on supported desktop and mobile devices.
Schedules Page

Printouts: Schedule, Slips, Outline, Worksheet
  • Print the Schedule for the info board, Chairman's Outline, Chairman's Worksheets and student assignment Slips in Word DOCX format. Also, print PDF and fillable PDF student assignment 1-plex and 4-plex Slips and Schedule for the info board.
Schedule Print
  • Print the Chairman's Outline (Entire meeting with editable comment boxes).
  • Print the Chairman's Worksheet (Main and/or Auxiliary classrooms for student assignments with study point and editable comment boxes).
  • Print the Assignment Slips (1 or 4 per page).

Congregation: Name, Time, #Schools
  • Set your congregation's information: congregation name, meeting day, meeting time and the number of schools.

Settings: Language
  • Set your interface language and print language.
  • Set reminder and assignment template message text.

Data: Backup, Import, Reports
  • Backup your data at anytime. Import from backup. You can also import data from CSV files.
  • View students talk history report for the past 3 or 6 months from the last scheduled week. This report shows all the students in a column on the left, months along the top, and each talk type, classroom and study point for each part they gave in each month column.

Key Features
  • Schedule the L&M meeting on any computer or device with an updated browser. Use the device and computer of your choice. This eliminates the need to have a dedicated computer running Windows or Windows on a Mac to schedule.
  • This scheduling web software allows the L&M Overseer and his assistant (if applicable) to work on each part of the schedule and collaborate on the schedule and print, regardless of the type of computer or device, using a shared email address and only one subscription. No need to pass documents back and forth. Each can view/edit/print the most up-to-date schedule on OCLM web.
  • You could update student’s assignment switches/swaps, student time away/vacations, student assignment comments/notes right after the meeting or mobile location.
  • Try a 30 day trial today!