OCLM Scheduler Software Security Measures

We understand the importance of control when it comes to storing your schedule data. That's why we provide you with a straightforward approach to managing your data securely.

Location Control: You can choose whether to store your data on your device or in the cloud, aligning with your countries specific regulatory requirements, and your local SFLA.

Data Collected: To use our software to schedule, all you need is a participant's name and what parts they are able to do. (All other data is optional) There is no option to record publisher's addresses/baptism date/family members/date of birth or other sensitive/confidential data. Our goal is to make this software as useful as possible while storing the bare minimum of personal information.

According to your countries specific direction (sfla) and data protection laws, you can also include an email or phone number if you would like to send slips/assignment/reminder messages to ones in your congregation. If you don't want to record any email addresses or phone numbers you can easily download assignment slips to your device, then print or send through your own personal Email account or by using Whatsapp/Text Message.

Secure Cloud Storage:
If you choose to store your data in the cloud you can feel secure knowing we use a global leader in the cloud data center marketplace. We also operate out of one of their secure datacenters located in the USA. Click here for More Details.

Storing Data Locally:
Take charge of your data with a few simple clicks. Import your Data backup from your device into our software. After completing your scheduling tasks, utilize the backup button to securely store your data locally, either on your device or a USB drive. Then, with the click of a delete button, remove your data from the database, giving you complete control over its lifecycle.

By allowing you to store backups locally or on the cloud, this empowers you to manage your data's security with confidence. Your data is in your hands, and you determine when and where it resides.

Security FAQ

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