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Currently OCLM Interface and Printouts are in the following Languages:

  • English - Our Christian Life and Ministry Meeting Software
  • American Sign Language - Same as English except for last song
  • Brazilian Portuguese - Portugues do Brasil - Reunião Vida e Ministério Programas
  • French - Français - (currently printouts only) - Réunion Vie Chrétienne et Ministère Logiciel
  • German - Deutsche - Leben-und-Dienst-Zusammenkunft Planer
  • Haitian Creole - Kreyòl Ayisyen - Lavi Nou Ak Travay Nou Fè Antanke Kretyen Lojisyèl
  • Italian - Italiano - L’Adunanza Vita Cristiana e Ministero Planificador
  • Spanish - Español - La reunión Vida y Ministerio Cristianos Programador

Add a Language:

We are looking for volunteers to translate the interface and printouts.
There are 4 printouts and about 650 words to translate.
If you would like volunteer and translate the interface and printouts into a language please Contact us.

OCLM Languages
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