OCLM Life and Ministry meeting scheduler software vs other scheduler apps comparison
There are many theocratic software programs and apps designed to schedule the Christian life and ministry meeting. You may wonder which one you should try and what are the differences.

This guide will highlight the benefits of using OCLM and help you determine if OCLM best suits your needs.

Perhaps you are deciding what meeting scheduling software program to use such as: OCLM software, jw scheduler, New World Scheduler, NW Scheduler, tms explorer, khs majestic, wintm, theocbase or keep life simple. Here is a list of what the OCLM L&M meeting scheduling software can do and will assist you with:

  • Auto-Schedule each week with just one click.
  • See a list of suggested alternate students for each part to assist in choosing another student based on their last talk and date.
  • Send talk reminders by email, SMS text or WhatsApp messages on supported desktop and mobile devices.
  • All printouts are editable before printing. Edit slips in PDF and Word and edit the schedule for the info board, chairman’s outline and chairman’s worksheet printouts in Word.
  • Use the device(phone, tablet) or computers (windows, mac, chrome book, etc.) of your choice. This eliminates the need to have a dedicated computer running Windows or Mac to schedule.
  • Have a joint shared account. Share Information between the L&M Overseer and assistant (if applicable). This allows the L&M Overseer, Assistant (if applicable) and even others filling-in when they are away, to schedule and collaborate, regardless of the type of computer or device, using a shared email address.
  • Your data is secure and encrypted using 256-bit SSL certificate which is shown by the HTTPS:// web address and lock icon. SSL is a security technology that establishes an encrypted link between the webserver and device. The database data, logs and backups are also always encrypted. Login is securely managed by Microsoft / Google secure sign-in authentication system.
  • Video Help Guides: Step by step video tutorials to take you through setup, scheduling, printing and more.

For more information and to see screen captures of this web software, plase view our more features page below.

We hope OCLM Software will be a valuable tool in helping you schedule the midweek meeting.

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